You might remember us briefly covering the Berlin Film Festival a little while ago. The prestigious event was held earlier this month and featured a lot of South Korean cinema including new gangster film release ‘Gangnam 1970’. This year, a South Korean student’s short film, created as a graduation project, won the Golden Bear Best Short Film Award!

The 32-year-old student, Na Young Kil won the award for his piece entitled ‘Hosanna’, which is less than half an hour-long. The short film is a horror-fantasy that tells the story of a little boy who has supernatural powers – the ability to heal others and revive people from beyond the grave. Despite it’s brevity, the film explores major issues like morality and the meaning of life and death.

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The short was also awarded at the Jeonju International Film Festival last year.

Eight South Korean films were screened at the Festival this year, and ‘Hosanna’ is a short film that will undoubtedly spark a lot of interest among East Asian cinema fans around the world.

Does ‘Hosanna’ sound like the type of film you would like to watch?
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