The Korean Culture Centre has announced a new screening programme which will take place in various universities in and out of London.

The announcement comes as a result of the success of their Korean Film Nights which have been running since 2008, and the first one will take place in London’s Royal College of Arts on June 8th.

On the 8th, well known film critic and producer, Tony Raynes will introduce Hong-Sang Soo’s debut film ‘The Day a Pig Fell into a Well’. This film is about a struggling novelist and is split into four sections, each with a different viewpoint from each main character.

“Hyo-seop is a miserable novelist who has not yet published a single decent novel. He visits a publishing company where one of his junior colleagues works only to confirm that his manuscripts are worthless. On the same night, he goes out for a drink with friends, gets into a fight with a critic and ends up in jail. While suffering from a sense of inferiority and victimhood for being treated as a third-class novelist, Hyo-seop falls madly in love with a married woman, Bo-kyung. Bo-kyung's husband Dong-woo has mysophobia, a fear of germs, and often goes on a business trip to Jinju. However, he doesn't trust Bo-kyung wholeheartedly. On the other hand, Minjae, a girl who works at a ticket booth in a movie theatre, dreams of marrying novelist Hyo-seop. She is a girl with some sense of vanity and illusion of becoming a novelist's wife. She is happy as she helps Hyo-seop with editing his manuscripts. However, Hyo-seop is not satisfied with Minjae and indulges himself in an affair with Bo-kyung.” Via KCC

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The event is completely free, but you do need to book yourself a spot by visiting this link. Alternatively, you can email them at or call 0207 004 2600.

More info about the event here.


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