Just one day after release, this song of the week is EXO’s fresh-out-the-studio track ‘Love Me Right’.

The Song
I believe that after a few listens, this song will start to become catchy and will be the one thing you can’t get out of your head. However, I’ll give you my opinion based on first listen. The song is basically a typical love song, except with a bunch of night-astronomical references (think starlight, milky way etc). It’s a pleasing listen but doesn’t do a whole lot to spark my interest, it’s a pretty ordinary EXO song. One thing I am pleased about though is that members who weren’t featured particularly much in previous songs got a chance to (sort of) shine. Xiumin and Sehun did their parts justice, while the other members performed very well.

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The Video
In all honesty, the music video was a mishmash of scenes of football, gardens, a bedroom and whatnot, and at times didn’t really fit. At first view, there isn’t really a plot or particular theme to this video, it’s just the members and whatever the crew decided to produce? It wasn’t such a mishmash that it hurt the eyes, but it did make me wonder what the purpose of the football scenes where. I put it down to aesthetics.



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