The filming of this movie has been reported to commence in mid-July, making the first stop in London before moving to shoot scenes in Italy and Beijing respectively.

The 1997 romantic-comedy classic “My Best Friend’s Wedding” was a global box office hit which starred Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz, Rupert Everett amongst others.

Now, Sony Pictures and China Film Co. Ltd are in the process of developing the Chinese remake, which has been given the release date of Valentine’s day 2016!

A brief summary of the remake goes as follows: There’s a focus on the relationship of a man and a woman who see each other as only friends. However, it’s only when the man falls deeply for someone else and asks his female friend to be his “best man” that she experiences an epiphany. The female friend realizes that she does, in fact love him more than she ever thought she would. Despite the fact that in a matter of days before the wedding is due to take place, she remains undeterred and determined to win him back.

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The actors featuring in this film includes Shu Qi (“Gone With The Bullets”), Feng Shaofeng (“Wolf Totem”), Ye Qing (“Man of Tai Chi”), Song Qian (“My New Sassy Girl”) and f(x) Victoria who will be travelling to London in the next couple weeks when filming officially begins in London in mid July. This film will be directed by Alexi Tan “Blood Brothers”.


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