It seems that Europe will still be getting a lot of representation with the addition of new panelists to the lineup of the South Korean television programme ‘Non-Summit‘!

The new panelists to join the show will be Carlos from Brazil, Yuta from Japan, Sammy from Egypt, Nikolai from Norway, Andreas from Greece and Przemyslaw from Poland.

For those unfamiliar with the show, ‘Non-Summit’ is a programme where a panel of people foreign to, but living in Korea discuss what life is like for them in the country. They often discuss areas of cultural difference and their own personal experience of living as a foreign person in South Korea.

All panelists are either studying or working in South Korea, including these new members, who are currently working at embassies, studying for degrees or even training under SM Entertainment.

It is always great to see representatives from all over the world share their ideas and experiences. For us, it is perhaps especially interesting to see what Europeans have found during their time living, studying and working in South Korea. It certainly gives some food for thought for those of us hoping to holiday or move to the country in the future!

The new lineup will begin this month.


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