SM Entertainment have been giving their SMRookies a big re-vamp lately. It was recently announced that there will be a launch of a Korean version of Disney’s ‘Mickey Mouse Club” featuring many of the SMRookies and hosted by Super Junior leader Leeteuk. Now fans are being slowly teased with introductions of new active members in the rookie team, one of which – Herin – is from Manchester in England!

SMRookies have often been shown to the public in dribs and drabs as they train hard and prepare themselves for their futures as active K-Pop idols. Many perform at SMTOWN concerts and show off some of their talents on SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. However, it seems that SM are now really pushing these rookies forward and giving them some early time in the spotlight.

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British girl Herin was recently introduced alongside Hina from Japan and Koeun from Korea. Not a lot has been revealed about the girls as yet, but SM are undoubtedly eager to whip up some excitement among the fanbase in anticipation of the girls’ TV debut.

Here is a video of Herin auditioning when she was quite a bit younger, she introduces herself in English and shows off some of her talents to the judges:

And here is Herin now, along with her fellow members Hina, Koeun and Lami in a glimpse of ‘Mickey Mouse Club’:

It will be interesting to see what SMRookies will bring in the near future!


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