Hugh Keice, a Korean singer/songwriter based both in Seoul and London, is about to publish a book entitled: ‘Hey London! Traveling like a musician’.

Keice has been working in both Korea and Great Britain for many years now, has taken part in events at the KCCUK in London and often talked about how important it is for artists to connect with fans and use social media to it’s full potential when promoting oneself.

He is often described as a ‘K-Indie’ artist, possibly due to his often very acoustic, sometimes psychedelic sound and natural vocals. He often sings entirely in English.

His book ‘Hey London!: Traveling like a Musician’ is a travel essay that details hidden music spots in London and Keice’s experiences in the city. He has mentioned that his aim was also to illustrate to readers that London has a lot to offer, especially in the form of delicious food! (Which occasionally gets a bad reputation internationally).

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While the book is due for release this month, it will only be available in Korean at the moment, but there are plans to get the book released internationally in the future if all goes well!

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In the meantime, Hugh Keice’s new EP ‘Benjamin Blue Who Stole The Moon’ will be released on the 24th!



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