Prefer your K-pop 19+ rated? Why not! Don’t be fooled by the cute picture above, as the ladies of Stellar are well famed for their risque content, and it certainly hasn’t hurt the anticipation for their latest track Vibrato.

The girls are Gayoung (leader), Minhee, Hyoeun and Junyool (maknae). Their label is Top Class Entertainment, owned by Eric Mun from Shinhwa.

Stellar debuted in 2011 with Rocket Girl, a fairly harmless candy pop track. Shortly after debut they switched two members, saying goodbye to the ladies Lee Seul and JoA. Like many girl groups they’ve experimented with both cute and sexy concepts, but really started getting press attention last year in February when they released Marionette. This 19+ MV and concept features some spread-legged choreo and cheeky butt rubbing. Nothing too unusual, but their promotional activities really got critics’ blood boiling, as they involved a Facebook stripping game, where ‘liking’ posts would reveal pictures of members’ body parts. (Twinkle, Stellar’s fandom, certainly weren’t shy about liking their ladies.)

Promotions for new track Vibrato have been a bit more family-friendly – a guerilla concert near Hongik University for example – but the MV has maintained the sexy vibe with some not so subtle innuendo. Check it out – plus their previous sexy and cute concepts – below.

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