Sasa, also known as LadySasa on her YouTube channel which was inspired by LadyGaga whom she greatly looks up to and supports, has gathered a total following of 26, 402 subscribers since she first started in 2010 and rearing in nearly five million views collectively from all her videos. She’s half British, half Asian (Chinese) as mentioned in a one of her videos. She currently resides in Monreal, Canada. She comes from a sports background in diving until she retired having achieved her goals in her chosen field and turned to different interests to focus on, which comprised of YouTube, K-pop, Sewing – the latter allowing her the opportunity to design her own clothes.

We also had the chance to have a Q&A with Sasa, which contains highlights looking at her interest in K-pop, the dance cover she found the trickiest to learn, the process in making a Korean Hanbok Jeogori, the five year (and counting) journey she’s taken with her YouTube career and advice she would give to anyone thinking of having a go at posting dance covers.There’s an assortment of videos, which include:

  • K-pop dance tutorials teaching you thoroughly step by step (like literally, minimum 15+ minutes but she goes through the dance at varied speeds for the viewers to be able to learn it at their own pace, shown below are dance tutorials of SNSD – I Got A Boy and EXO – Call Me Baby.

  • Sewing (For example, for Pokemon fans, she covered how to make a Pikachu costume! For the video, click here.) Shown below is a step-by-step video on how to create your own ‘K-pop inspired bunny skull t-shirt’.

  • Cooking (This video below might be useful for some bubble tea lovers!)

1. Just a quick ice breaker, tell a few things about yourself to the readers who may not know of you who you are.

My name is Sasa and I make youtube videos about the many interests in my life that range from sewing, dancing, cooking, anime and cosplay. I starting making kpop dance tutorials because no one on youtube taught in a way that made it easy to learn. Fashion is a big part of my life, I’m a designer and make clothing that allows people to show their difference. 

2. What is it about K-pop exactly that caught your attention? 

I don’t remember how and when I first got into kpop, I remember hearing Sorry, Sorry and Mirotic when they came out. I would have to say the catchy music and awesome dances was something different to western music. And I love the group aspect, sense of teamwork and family of kpop. And I loved what everyone was wearing. Of course, handsome, hot and cute guys is a major plus 😉

3. Which K-pop groups are your favourites and why? 

Super Junior was my first group because of their hit single Sorry, Sorry. I would say SJ will always be important to me. I love watching them on variety, television and radio shows. When you learn more about them and their personalities you grow to love them more. DBSK is my favourite group and Mirotic is my #1 song. Their spilt up was very sad, I still continue to support both JYJ and TVXQ. All of the members are very talented. Jaejoong is my favourite, he puts so much emotion and passion into his singing. I also really like SHINee, they are a very good group.  

4. You’ve covered a number of dance tutorials, which one would you say was the most difficult to learn and how long did it take for you to learn it completely?

It would have to be Incredible by Junsu. I normally only learn the chorus and a bit of the intro, however I wanted to learn the full dance of Incredible so it took a solid month to learn it.

5. Following on from that question, which was the most fun dance cover you’ve done so far?

It’s definitely View by SHINee. SHINee has some of the best dances out there, I plan on doing more in the future.

6. On your YouTube channel, there’s definitely diversity in the kinds of videos you post which should appeal to different people, for example there are sewing tutorials, what would you say are the main influences that inspired you to start making your own clothes? 

I have been sewing since a young child. When I was around 12 years old anime got me doing more complex things when I started cosplaying. I have always been interested in fashion. My designs are heavily influenced by Asian culture. I made my own clothes because of the lack of available options for me. 

7. There’s a video on your channel in which you show how to make a Korean Hanbok Jeogori, how long would you say it estimated that it takes for this piece of clothing to be made?

Ah, a jeogori takes more time than it looks. It takes a good day to finish one although it depends on the complexity of the design. For example multi coloured sleeves takes more time to match and line up the stripes. While I’m sewing I don’t notice the time, sometimes I even forget to eat. Once you get into the mood, my brain and body will keep going until the project is finished. There is something very satisfying seeing a finished garment hanging on the rack, and it’s even better when I see people wearing my clothes.  

8. I’ve seen on your FAQ video that you’re half British, have you ever visited the UK or would like to do so in the future?

My mother is Chinese (Hong Kong) and she met my father in the UK for school. I was born and grew up in Vancouver, Canada and I currently live in Montreal. I have been to the UK once before when I was 11, and I would love to visit again. 

9. You’re been on YouTube for a good five years, you’ve picked up a number of different hobbies over the years since retiring from your sports background, is there anything else you would like to try in the future in terms of hobbies?

Wow! It’s been 5 years now eh? I’ve always had many interests and I love every one of them. There are just too many things in life that I love, I worry about not enough time in the day to do everything. For sure I want to take professional classes in sewing and cooking. So far, all of my knowledge and skill is based on trial and error and “just doing it”. This past year I got into Japanese lolita fashion. I will probably explore more areas of Japanese street style fashion. It’s hard to say what I’ll add to my list of interests, we will have to wait and see.

10. Lastly, is there any words of advice you would like to give someone who would like to start posting dance covers/tutorials on YouTube but are too hesitant? 

Starting a youtube channel was one of the best things I’ve done in life so far. It gives me a place to showcase things I love and to share my knowledge. It’s a great place to connect and interact with people who have similar interests. First of all, you need persistence. Don’t worry if you only get 15 views on your first video, with half of those views being yourself. I made videos for over a year and a half before anyone saw what I was doing. Also it’s good to create videos that are useful and beneficial to the viewer. People are more likely to share and subscribe if they learned something. Second, you need to be confident and have thick skin. You will get hater comments, I did and still do (even more now). You can’t let this affect you, just delete the comment and move on. 

Lastly, get a good camera and a tripod, watching shaky videos gives people headaches! 

Don’t give up! Fighting!

Cheers ~ Sasa


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