Notre Dame de Paris‘ – the musical based on the novel of the same name – has returned to Seoul to celebrate 10 years since it’s Korean premiere in 2005. It has also enjoyed a standing ovation from audiences in the South Korean capital!

Based on French writer Victor Hugo’s novel released in 1831, the musical tells the gruesome and tragic story of a beautiful gypsy girl named Esmerelda, a poor disfigured man named Quasimodo and the twisted Acrhdeacon, Claude Frollo.

You are likely most familiar with the story from the 1996 animated film adaptation by Disney. Whilst this version did have its own kind of darkness, it is safe to say that the original story is even more harrowing.

This particular French cast musical is full of drama, and even features a total of 50 songs in just two acts!

It seems that Korean audiences can’t get enough of this musical, and with such a roller-coaster narrative, it is arguably easy to understand why they have been captivated by this performance!

[Source: Kpopherald]


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