By now, he is a man that needs no introduction, but we’re going to give him one anyway! PSY – pioneer of the worldwide viral hit that is ‘Gangnam Style’, has recently released his equally infectious track ‘Daddy’.

BBC reporter Steve Evans met up with the South Korean singer and discussed with PSY what life is like for him after such whirlwind success.

As always, PSY is very humble and unassuming as he discusses what opportunities his ‘Gangnam Style’ fame has afforded him. During the interview he also discussed how his sudden and massive success is both a ‘dream and a nightmare’ in the sense that he felt so much pressure to top it.

When asked how he remains so down to earth, he said:

“I think that artists and singers are not that special [a]thing, but just one kind of a job…so when I step down from the stage or when I’m not working…I really try hard to live as a normal guy…with that recognition issue, outside of Korea, it’s really easy. What I gotta do is take off my sunglasses and no one will recognise me so (laughs) it’s fine.”

You can watch the full news piece and interview here.


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