Global model ranking and agency website recently highlighted South Korea’s fashion industry and picked out a selection of Korean celebrities that hold a massive influence over worldwide fashion trends. K-Pop idol G-Dragon was included in what dubs ‘Seoul’s Creative Class’!

Also included in the list was photographer Hong Jang Hyun, stylist Gee Eun, hair stylist Shon, fashion designer Juun J and models Sung Jin and Soo Joo.

Here’s what the website had to say about South Korea’s influence on the world of fashion:

“South Korea is the latest point of entry into the ever-changing fashion sphere as more talent emerges from there than ever before. Seoul’s cool, creative spirit has landed it a coveted spot as one of the most intriguing fashion weeks on the planet and it for sure has the diverse artistry to back up the claim. The international community has steadily called upon the prospering city to tap into the new wave of authority on modeling, fashion, entertainment and photography so traveled ourselves to discover the leaders of the pack. Experience for yourself how photographer, Hong Jang Hyun, minimally captures portraits of the notable people in Seoul’s fashion landscape for a glimpse to all that the city has to offer.”

Each page contains a small biography for each celebrity and how they have made their mark on the global fashion industry. There are also beautiful black and white portraits featured of each person, taken by Hong Jang Hyun himself.

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G-Dragon also shared a few photographed snippets from the website to his own Instagram account.

You can check out the page dedicated to G-Dragon here, and scroll down the page to see page links to the rest of ‘Seoul’s Creative Class’.

[Sources:, G-Dragon’s Instagram].


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