We’re nearing the end of February but there’s still been a number of mentionable comebacks and releases for this week! From the kind of music that’s been coming out since the start, we’re very hopeful over the continued success of K-pop this year!

Our Song Picks of the Week

  • Solar – Happy People [February 21st] 

The Mamamoo leader and vocalist has returned for part 4 of her song series with the song ‘Happy People’ or alternatively ‘A Person Who Gives Happiness’. It’s a beautiful ballad, which really showcases her raw vocal prowess. The MV is really touching to watch, as the singer shared photographs of her childhood and at the end, thanked her mother and father.

  • Junggigo & Chanyeol (EXO) – Let Me Love You [February 23rd]

There’s been a string of collaborations between some of the EXO members, but recently soloist Junggigo joined forces with Chanyeol to create another relaxing ballad track. The pair’s voices compliment each other well, as we get to see a featuring of the EXO member’s vocals which must be a treat for fans to hear in favour of his typical rapper role in his group.

Our Album Picks of the Week

  • TWICE – TWICEcoaster : LANE 2 [February 20th]

The rising JYP girl group had made their comeback earlier this week with their 3rd mini album repackaged which features two two additions, ‘Knock Knock’ and ‘Ice Cream’. Once again, they have received support from fans, as they gained an all-kill and their new album entered into many international music charts!

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  • ASTRO – Winter Dream [February 22nd] 

Astro has certainly been building on their reputation since their debut last year and have proven to be a popular rookie group in South Korea but also internationally as well. With their latest installment ‘Winter Dream’, it was confirmed to be the last part of their four seasons project. The album was intended to be a gift for their fans and was released just before their 1 year anniversary!


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