Triple H, featuring HyunA (4minute) as well as E’Dawn and Hui (Pentagon) released their debut mini-album, 199X, on 1st May 2017. With each member contributing lyrics, it’s a promising body of work from three already well-established artists.

1. Sunflower

This summery, bright track combines hip-hop with a Bruno Mars-esque pop-funk. As the mini-album is titled 199X, it’s only fair that the opener reminds the listener of the bold, fun style that the decade is remembered for. It’s an enjoyable opening track, but as it’s almost 2.30 minutes long, it’s far too long for an opener, but not long enough to be an entire song.

2. 365 Fresh

As the album’s main single, it’s arguably the best song of the four. It follows on from ‘Sunflower’ in a logical manner too, indicating clear thought in the order in which the songs appear. The build up to the “365 so fresh” riff is incredibly memorable, and adds to the glitzy and vibrant atmosphere 199X offers. The quirky music video fits the song’s atmosphere perfectly too:

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3. What’s Going On?
Taking the energy down a notch, this slower song shows a different side to the group. The raps, as well as the dial sounds near the end fail to fit the laid-back atmosphere of the song, and it ends rather abruptly. The song is a clear attempt to show diversity in the group’s style, but is executed in a questionable manner.

4.  Girl Girl Girl

‘Girl Girl Girl’, however, succeeds where ‘What’s Going On?’ doesn’t. HyunA’s whispery rap fits the slower melody well,  offering an enjoyable close to the short-but-relatively-sweet mini-album.


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