As the second half of the year rolls on, we’re already now in the month of August! And we’ve definitely been spoiled for choice with the number of comebacks we’ve had this week, so make sure you check them out below!

Artist: JJ Project

Release: It’s been a while but the members of this unit group released their 1st Mini Album ‘Verse 2‘ at the start of the week on July 31. Rather than being fresh faced rookies, they’re now seasoned artists after all the experience they’ve gained over the years being in GOT7! Also as a bonus, the album had featured on the UK charts at #28!

Artist: GFriend

Release: The well-known girl group are making their second comeback this year after the release of ‘The Awakening in March, they’re returned with their 5th Mini Album ‘Parallel‘ on August 1! You can listen to the title track ‘Love Whisper‘ in the M/V below!

Artist: Samuel

Release: The artist had been in the spotlight throughout the Produce 101 Season 2 show, and with the good news that he would release his album, Samuel has officially debuted as a soloist with his 1st Mini Album ‘Sixteen‘, sharing the same namesake as his title track, released on August 2.

Artist: CLC

Release: The Cube girl group have returned with their 6th Mini Album ‘FREE’SM‘ on August 3, their promotional title track is ‘Where are you?‘, switching from the girl crush concept they sported with ‘Hobgoblin‘ for a more ethereal look this comeback!

Artist: 9Muses

Release: With Sungah currently on a hiatus, the girl group known for their sensual concepts is now promoting as a quartet for their 6th Mini Album Repackage ‘Muses Diary Part.3: Love City’ and ‘Love City’ as their title song for this comeback. As shown in the video, it looks like their relationships are all in a vicious ‘love hate’ cycle, to which they unleash their frustration on a teddy bear who presumably playing the role of their partner, along with other acts of destruction throughout the video.

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Artist: Girls’ Generation

Release: Having celebrated their 10th anniversary this year, the SM girl group made their anticipated return with their 6th Mini Album ‘Holiday Night‘ on August 4! The girls have double title tracks including ‘Holiday‘, which you can check out the M/V below and also ‘All Night‘! The album also peaked at #12 on the UK iTunes chart, the highest rank for a Korean girl group to reach so far!

Artist: WINNER

Release: Following the success from their last single ‘Really Really‘, the YG boy group had their second comeback this year with more summer themed songs ‘Love Me Love Me‘ and ‘Island‘ on August 4. The 2nd Single Album titled ‘Our Twenty For‘, still wrapped with the concept surrounding the number ‘4’, also featured in the UK iTunes chart!

Artist: Drug Restaurant

Release: The band who are set to coming over to the UK in September dropped their 3rd Mini Album ‘Pomade’ on August 4! They set the two title tracks as ‘Drink O2 in the Water’ and ‘Ain’t I Good To You?‘, with the former’s video linked in below!


Release: The producer collaborated with singers Sam Kim and eSNa on the latest relaxing title track ‘~42′ of his 1st Mini Album, which was released on August 4. If you’re a fan of slow, R&B tracks, we’d recommend you checking his music out!

Artist: Yoo Young-jin X Taeyong

Release: And for the final song on our Release Round Up, the singer-songwriter responsible for producing many of the SM hits that we’ve all heard of recently worked with NCT’s Taeyong for the latest SM Station track ‘Cure‘.


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