In just under a day until UK ARMY’s get to hear Namjoon on UK radio ‘The Hits’ tomorrow, Dazed writer and top notch Korean music reviewer Taylor Glasby recently published her interview with none other than the BTS leader himself!

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The article showcases how much the group has triumphed in this year alone, and just from reading the well executed interview, it’s certainly a refreshing thing to see the direction that it took and went beyond scratching the surface.

It delved straight into the nitty gritty details, with talks about hidden tracks, another shoutout to the UK Chart success and Namjoon’s elaborate thoughts about what he’s learnt to accept about himself to how previous tracks on their past albums have acted as an outlet for any emotions of anger that he admits that no longer feels.

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He explored the darker aspects of the album and it hasn’t truly gone away but instead that had evolved through their discography and about the pressures of how BTS have been described as being representatives of Korea, yet their humble beginnings sets as a reminder where they started and acts as a grounding mechanism.

The interview gradually turns lighter towards the end, with a swift turn with a question of what makes him happy and the potential prospect of BTS being nominated for a Grammy next year. But we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, as this year has proved – the sky really is the limit! We’re sure this will be an interesting read for BTS’s fans, you can read the full interview here!


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