On his weekly live show on his second YouTube channel Danisnotinteresting, he briefly discussed the hot topic regarding BTS having featured as a performing artist at the American Music Awards last Sunday!

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This isn’t the first time Dan has talked about the globally popular group as he has mentioned them a couple of times during his past live broadcasted videos. He raved in excitement about BTS, how they took over the spotlight during the awards show and focused on the positive reception and his own surprise following the favourable responses that they have received from celebrities, artists that they look up to and from the general Western audience.

“That’s the thing about K-Pop, you know. People criticize it for being manufactured or whatever or all being the same. But at the end of the day, you can’t deny talent. No matter what when it comes to K-Pop, you can criticize a lot of things but you can’t criticize the talent,” He added on a final note, “Or the styling or the music videos.”

You can catch it in the video below from 31:47 when a question about BTS caught his attention!


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