Amber has always been someone in the K-Pop industry that has stood out for her appearance and style. She’s stayed true to herself and has not conformed to the typical standards that you’d expect from a Korean pop artist.

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In the BBC video, there’s opening statement even addressed this which said ‘Amber Liu doesn’t look like your typical female K-Pop star’. It also included clips from one of the f(x)’s videos on her YouTube channel and this has attracted nearly 2 million videos.

The title of the video is ‘Where IS MY CHEST? (Responding to Hate Comments)‘ and it shows Amber reacting to the negative comments but rather than letting herself be affected by it, she turned it on its head by making a video and adding her own comic twist to it. And given by the views, it is clear that a lot of women can relate to this.

Amber spoke about how she had tried to fit into the standards set for people in the entertainment industry but felt uncomfortable in her attempts to mold herself into someone she is not. She ended the interview with these words of hope that just continues to prove that she’s an admirable person who is now someone who can be unapologetically herself. “If I can do anything to make someone not feel alone, I’m going to do it.” You can see the full BBC video here.

If you haven’t checked out the video, you can watch it below!


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