KARD, known for their catchy tropical house bops, have already dropped another mini album much to their fans excitement! Their second EP, You and Me, was released on November 21 with a total of six tracks (nine on physical edition).

The following songs reviewed are those found on the digital edition of the mini album only.

Into You

The mini album hits immediately hard with the first track, Into You. Building up from a slow piano melody, the beat drops into a beautiful progressive house chorus as members Somin and Jiwoo sing “I’m into you” at the top of their lungs. Probably this song is my favourite track of the mini album, as it gives off such a strong feeling.

Trust Me

I’ve decided to review these two under one tracks since they’re more-or-less the same, aside from backing track and vocals. This is definitely to attract the attention of some group “shippers” as the songs are duo performances by either Jiwoo and J.Seph, and BM & Somin! Jiwoo and J.Seph’s version of the song has a more upbeat backing track while the other is more softer to the ears. BM’s rap in his version is also in English!

You In Me

We’re then presented with the main promoted single of the EP, You In Me. Sounding like a sequel of some sort to Don’t Recall, “You In Me” showcases through the lyrics the pain that is caused through trauma bonding – a tragic contrast to the more upbeat “Hola Hola” and “Oh Na Na”. The music video is very similar to the pre-debut music videos, possibly having been by the same director.

Push & Pull

With an instrumental that is very too much a liking to Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” in terms of tempo, key, and overall production, “Push & Pull” sounds a little more like their previously released pre-debut singles, with the slight influence of electro-pop involved as well.


Also translated to in English as “Because” or “Lose”, Jinikka is the most contrasting track to date that KARD have released in terms of how dark and different it is compared to such light-hearted songs as “Oh Nana” and “Hola Hola.” This song has more of a focus on the rapping line than the usual more vocal output we would hear from Somin and Jiwoo.

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KARD are an exciting group to keep a track of, with this mini album they’ve showed versatile potential. The mini album is an absolute must for those wanting to experience KARD without the typical tropical house that we were used to with their first EP. What are your thoughts on this output by KARD?


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