For this week’s fan talent, we will be looking at Korean Englishman. His actual name is Joshua Carrott however, he is best known as Korean Englishman.

He is a successful English YouTuber,where he uploads content in the Korean language, describing the reactions of British people to Korean culture and food. The majority of his videos are in Korean language and he produces videos with his friend Ollie.

Korean Englishman started in 2013 and currently, his channel has over 2 million subscribers. The majority of his viewers are Korean. His content is very engaging. Being successful on Youtube has given him many opportunities. The Youtuber had the opportunity of interviewing Academy Award winner, Colin Firth.

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Another video he creates is it explaining Chuseok (a Korean thanksgiving in celebration of harvest). Watch and find out more. His videos is widely known for its hilarious content.

Here is the link to Korean Englishman Youtube channel:

Please subscribe and follow his channel where you be notified when his uploads new videos. He always uploads new videos every Wednesday.



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