It’s the final week of January. This month has gone by in a flash. This week we have releases from Ravi(VIXX), Rainz, and new female rookie group: Fromis_9. Let’s check out this week’s latest releases!

Ravi (VIXX)

VIXX Ravi has release another single from his second mixtape called “Nirvana” feat Park Jimin. This is the best track he has released so far. Bring in guest vocalist Park Jimin and challenging a new genre, brings a freshness to Ravi music style. The song incorporates elements of dance music. The production takes on a deep house pulse where its gets intercut with synths that gives it a much brighter appeal than expected.


Rainz is a 7 member group managed under KISS Entertainment and they have made a second comeback with a song called “Turn It Up”.  The song has piano notes ringing out whilst it’s filtered by the members vocals. The combination of vocals and contrasting raps leads to the pre-chorus, where the instrumentals pick up in pace, which lets out an addictive rhythm. The chorus is the best part of the song. It features synth notes with energetic vocals by the member.

Jeong Sewoon

Jeong Sewoon has returned to the Kpop Scene with his latest track “Baby It’s U”. This track has been produced by Kiggen and Earattack. The song starts off as an acoustic ballad before going on to a catchy beat. This is surprise comeback from him. He has taken me by surprise towards EDM.  This song is more like an engaging song rather than a ballad.


fromis_9 is a new female rookie group who made their debut on the 24th January. There is 9 members and they was formed on the reality show: Idol School on Mnet. Their debut song is called “To Heart”. This song was written by producer due Iggy Yougbae. It’s a pop dance track with a unique combinations of guitar songs and string instruments and drum sounds.


Davichi is celebrating their tenth anniversary this year by releasing a new track from their 3rd studio album &10. The track is called “Days Without You”. The music video has a special appearance from Wanna One’s Kang Daniel.  The song is very beautiful. Minkyung’s voice is sorrowful and Haeri voice is so powerful, you can feel the emotions of the song. When they both sing, you can feel that your eyes will start to get teary. Also, the lyrics are written really well and there is a deep meaning to it.


iKon has made their comeback after an 8 months hiatus. They have returned to the scene with a new track called “Love Scenario”. The leader B.I has personally had a hand composing and writing this track. The song has a light and cheerful piano riff. The lyrics represents the feelings of someone going through a sad breakup. The song is guided by a gentle cowbell beat and swaying vocals. I feel the track is more emotional rather upbeat compared to their most recent singles. It serves as a new concept that iKon is following.


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