This week we have releases from N-flying and Jessi. This week has also been the week of new rookies idols and groups: Rapper Vinxen, another rapper Kanto and newly formed group: UNI.T. Finally, for all the army’s out there highly anticipated comeback from BTS. Let’s check out this week releases!!

KANTO(칸토) -Salty(시큰둥)
You might know him as one of the many acts to complete in KBS’s The Unit rebooting series. He failed to make it through the shows debuting group, but he quickly became a standout character. He has released a song called Salty where you can hear his gruff voice in his performance. The song is hard-hitting and provides a blast of brassy feel.  A great listen in the summer months.

N.Flying(엔플라잉) -HOW R U TODAY
They have made a comeback, with a song called How are you today. Compared to their previous songs, this song has a different vibe, a bit slower, which suits their style. This song you can hear their vocals very clearly. The members can showcase their talents through this song. The addition of the new member of Yoo Hwe-seung
last year really has brought a different side to the band in this song.

Jessi, Double K, and Microdot have released a new single together.  This single is the sixth part of a project where artist where donate their talent. Listening to this song, you can see have talented the artists are. Jessi co-composed the song, raps and sings in it. All three artists wrote their lyrics based on personal experiences, telling their own stories. The song is about a message of hope to everyone who goes through a hard time. The collaboration between the artists is really good. They all blend well together with their raps and singing.

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UNI.T(유니티) – No More(넘어)
This group was formed KBS’s The Unit rebooting series. This is the girl group who are the winners and now have debuted. They are all singers who debuted in the pasted but now come together to become a group. This song sounds very good. It sounds quite sexy and really fits their concept.  The vocals are decent and its great song to listen to in the summer. It has a summer vibe to it.

VINXEN -Dark Adaptation (feat. OVAN, HAON)
If any watch high school rapper 2, This is the rapper who came third VINXEN. His real name is Lee Byung Jae.  This song features the rapper OVAN and HAON. HAON was the winner of high school rapper 2. This song Dark adaptation is part of the VINXEN EP album. This track feels like he is trying to be an artist than then as ‘high school rapper’ Lee Byung Jae.  His rapping in this song is really great.

BTS (방탄소년단) –Fake Love

For all the army’s out there, get excited about their comeback. This is their title track called Fake Love. This is serious jam and it’s easy to listen too. It really showcases their vocals and rapping. This is slower track and seems like more produced showing BTS is more than an idol group and is able to appeal to wider audience. There is great beats and instrumentations bring the song together.



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