Fall is now approaching fast and the Summer is nearly over. With August drawing to a close, it is once again time to look back at the top news stories that have been trending across the K-Pop scene this month.

BTS is Back!

There is no denying it! BTS’ return to the scene has not gone unnoticed with the last instalment of their “Love Yourself” trilogy; a repackaged full album titled “Answer” and their infectious title track “Idol”. The music video itself was only released on the 24th August and there is already speculation that it has surpassed the highest view count in 24 hours for a music video – originally set by Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”. Within the UK, “Idol” has already broke personal records in the iTunes Chart so we may possibly see further chart appearances before the month is over. We just need to watch this space and wait for the boys to bring the house down when they perform in London later this year.

Trouble for Pentagon.

August has not been a good month for CUBE Entertainment. Despite (G)I-DLE slaying with their first comeback and BTOB’s recent concerts, that has not stopped the massive stock blows they suffered with not one but MULTIPLE dating rumours and confirmations for Pentagon. The most hard-hitting of all was the confirmed news of rapper E’Dawn dating former 4Minute member and solo artist, Hyuna – who were promoting as Triple H during their current two year long relationship. Fans have taken the news hard, demanding that E’Dawn leaves the group all together after disappearing from recent promotions. CUBE has now confirmed that E’Dawn is now on indefinite hiatus due to “unspecified” reasons, but rumours are still spreading that his hiatus to due to the repercussions of going public.

However, E’Dawn is not the only member stepping down for a small period of time. It has also been revealed that Yanan will also be taking a hiatus and the group will be promoting as eight members until further notice. The reasons for Yanan’s break have been much clearer to fans in comparison as it is due to health issues. In recent weeks, his state has been deteriorating – as seen in his recent appearances in the Chinese music competition, “The Collaboration”/”Chao Yin Zhan Ji”. Yanan was appearing as a contestant alongside other C-Pop and K-Pop stars including soloist Samuel and SEVENTEEN’s Jun & The8. During one episode, Yanan was unable to continue with the competition and stepped down from performing due to his medical issues. Now that CUBE has confirmed his hiatus, fans are hoping that he will recover to full health and be able to join Pentagon on stage in the near future.

He Said, She Said.

It seems that controversy and sob stories follow these twins everywhere as Hwayoung & Hyoyoung have openly voiced resentment towards LJ. On social media, the entertainment posted pictures of him and Hwayoung which cause speculation of their relationship. Before long, her twin sister spoke out publicly and threatened legal action for defamation. There was uncertainty of why Hyoyoung acted in such a manner, possibly for invasion of privacy and trust but now Hwayoung has also spoke out, suggesting that LJ was violent during the course of their relationship. These allegations have been strongly denied by the entertainer and with the twins’ track record with T-ARA and publicly calling out others through social media; netizens are not sure what to believe.

Welcome to the LOONAverse

After over a year of solo and group projects, LOONA has officially made their debut. Despite the huge compilation of amazing songs from each member, the twelve girls have kept it simple with a mini-album titled “+ +” with a bright catchy title track, “Hi High” and their fierce B-Side, “favOriTe”. Performing a full length concert, the group have already showcased their versatility and talent throughout the months and now, the “LOONAverse” is here and fans – known as “Orbits” – could not be happier.


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