BTS have had lots of exposure during and after their trip to the UK this past month. The BBC broadcast a short clip about their then upcoming concerts at the O2 and they appeared on ‘The Graham Norton Show’.

During their visit, the group also filmed an interview for the popular daytime TV show ‘Lorraine’. Jimin was able to participate in this interview despite being injured and not participating in ‘The Graham Norton Show’. [You can see our article on BTS at ‘The Graham Norton Show’ here]

In the ‘Lorraine’ interview, the boys are asked by Entertainment Editor Dan Wootton what they’re looking forward to doing during their time in the UK. BTS were then quizzed about famous British landmarks like the Shard and famous aspects of British culture like fish and chips (which they showed their love for). BTS also expressed their love for The Beatles and their amazement at being compared to the world-famous band, saying that they want to recreate the iconic Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ album cover.

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The second half of the seven-minute interview took a more serious turn as Wootton asked BTS about their poignant lyrics about mental health and the pressures on youth. They also talked about their social media presence and what their influences are. RM expressed his goal for the group to be able to perform at Wembley and get a number one in the UK someday.

The boys have just renewed their contracts with BigHit Entertainment so hopefully Army’s can help them meet these goals soon!

Watch the full interview below!


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