The long-awaited collaboration from BLACKPINK and British singer Dua Lipa has finally been released today, coinciding with the release of Dua Lipa’s complete edition of her self-titled album!

“Kiss and Make Up” is a three-minute dancehall track from the British musician, featuring the vocal talents of all four members of the K-Pop girl group. It was produced by Billboard, and Banx and Ranx. The latter of which were behind the song, “Answerphone” which charted at no. 5 in the UK. Dua Lipa and Chelcee Grimes participated in the songwriting of the track, with further translations into Korean by BLACKPINK’s executive producer, Teddy Park.

Everything first sparked when Dua Lipa reached out to the group after she met Jennie and Lisa at a Seoul concert date in May of this year. Then announced in early September, Dua herself teased “Kiss and Make Up” through after replying on Twitter to one of her fans. The tweet contained a black and pink heart emoji as a hint to the collaboration.

The song could very soon be charting high on the UK Singles Chart, given BLACKPINK’s strong British fanbase and Dua Lipa’s incredible chart-topping streak. BLACKPINK first charted in the UK via the Official Trending Chart with “Ddu-du Ddu-Du” at no. 17 for the week ending 15 June. The single went on to chart at no. 75 the following week. At the time of writing “Kiss and Make Up” has reached no. 20 on the iTunes Store (18:13 19/10/2018).

With unconfirmed reports of a music video possibly being released, “Kiss and Make Up” is not slipping from our ears anytime soon! Check back here for any charting information in the near future!


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