There have been solo debuts, Chinese and Japanese releases, International collaborations and more this week. 

ATEEZ returned with two mvs!

Eunjung of T-Ara debuted in Japan

Monsta X released the Japanese version of Alligator and a collaboration with French Montana

BTS released a second collaboration for their BTS World OST

EXO’s Lay released in China

U-KNOW of TVXQ debuted as a soloist

Check out the full list of releases below:

09/06/19 THE8 (Seventeen) Dreams Come True Chinese Digital Single
Lee Sejoon (Yurisangja) Coffee with an Angel Home For Summer OST
ROCOBERRY How is Your Night?
Kim Na Young To Be Honest
MAKTUB To You My Light
MacAilley ft CHILDDIAHN, H:SEAN ColorWay
92914 ft Minji 9
10/06/19 ATEEZ Illusion / Wave Treasure Ep 3: One To All
J_ust Way Back Home
L.NDN You, Star
45 it’s you
Loopy, Nafla Atlantis LooFla
Giriboy Towkio  100 Years College Course
Changstarr* Diamonds Eternal
Bassagong ft. G2, CHANGMO Rock N Roll Baby
Samuel Seo D O W E
Dotdanbae ft Rose De Penny Paint
Kimm¥ft. Karacin Jr How You Feel
11/06/19 EZUZ ft Kyungri Latte is Horse
Ong Seongwo Heart Sign The Love of Summer: The Story – Pepsi KPop Collabo project single
Solbi Violet
Gagahoho A Moonlit Night
Jay Moon, Bully Da Ba$tard The Teachers
Crucial Star Cigarette
Skinny Brown ft Ash Island Fire
Kimm Chaan Streetlight
Yammo Voices of a Distant Star
Seo Jin Soo ft Jay Park WE
VANKiD ft Kimm Chaan, New Feel Feel Hookkaido
Vernon D (Surf N Surf Crew), Inch Positive Breath Fordinary
Jhnovr Decadence Dirty Messiah
12/06/19 Eunjung (T-ara) DESIRE Japanese debut Mini album
Monsta X Alligator Japanese Version
BIBI Nabi The Manual for People who want to Love
U-KNOW -Yunho (TVXQ) Follow True Colours
Huh Gak Because of You Angel’s Last Mission: Love OST
Yun DDanDDan Tiger n Whale
Dickpunks Bicycle Man
BAADA Psychedelic Rock’n’Roll
Deokhossi Cicada
Unknown Zone X_X
POY Muzeum Pink
Kaenavi University 20, 21, 22
Young Jaundice G’d Up G’D UP
13/06/19 Seongri Starlight Love Song SangSang Connect Project Singel
Somi Birthday
Urban Zakapa ft Beenzino Seoul Night
Kid Milli ft Loopy APP
Bily Acoustie Already Gone My Absolute Boyfriend OST
1/N Save Me / Love is Wonderful
Joe Layne Good Time!
Krr Our Clumsy Hearts
Sooin Wrong Day
Double K Bad Behaviour (last single before changing name to Illson)
₩HERE AM I Issue Again When It Shines
Kash Bang Loner
Yonko Fall D I A R Y
Dalzi, LoyeL Zig Zag
14/06/19 Lay (EXO) Honey Chinese Digital Album
BTS ft Zara Larsson A Brand New Day BTS World OST
JAMES Anxiety
Jiselle Better This Way
Monsta X ft French Montana Who Do U Love?
White Day Shine On Light
Baek Ji Woong How I Feel
Skull ft Superbee YE YE YE YO
Kim Hyun Jung When We Break It Rains
Whoru Shiny Light
Nokdu, Jacoby Coin Wash
Edith The Expiation 
Cha Cha Malone (AOMG) Exotic
Way Ched ha ha ha Comfy
Slom 2NITE
Wet Boyz Fireflies
Jimmy Brown Look At Me Now Bleu Papillion
Wilcox ft Choilb, Boni View
Midnight Plus or Minus
Earla Song of the Street Insignificant Stories
JOMALXNE ft iHwak Kite
15/06/19 Kwon Youngchan Come Again
Summer Soul X Charming Lips I Love Milk
Sunwoo Jung-A SAM SAM
Nozy Today is the Day Mad Soul Child

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