British GQ magazine has gained their first-ever interview with a Korean idol group, and it’s none other than MONSTA X.
The article – titled Monsta X talk world domination and destroying masculinity – begins with a quote from vocalist Minhyuk:
“Our dream was to be able to stand on a big stage. But we didn’t have any idea of how this would evolve.”
It then discusses the group’s success, from their three albums, six EPs, touring in five continents, and even their English track, Who Do U Love. The group even discusses their “honour” of signing under Epic Records.
The article then becomes a gateway to discussing concepts of masculinity. Known for their trademark “fetish wear” – specifically harnesses, chokers, and leather trousers – MONSTA X’s stage outfits reiterate the criticism of a “lack of masculinity”. However, it is something they are “unfazed” by.
“What is masculinity these days?” muses IM. “I think it’s really hard to define it, overall. Everyone has their own meaning.”
In an attempt to elaborate, the article asks where his sense of masculinity comes from. Although his first answer has gained criticism from some people on social media, it seems he implies that it is something he’s born with. I.M then continues:
“But, you know, it’s also about loving yourself, caring about yourself. That’s first. And we don’t think that women should be like ‘this’ and men should be like ‘that’.”
You can read the full article on GQ magazine’s website here.
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