NCT127 has taken the world by storm. Touring around the globe for the first time with their Neo City, The Origin tour.

Though for fans that may have missed the dates in Moscow , the group gave an exclusive show through MTV Russia. The show being given the hashtag on Twitter #NCT127INMOSCOW.

on June 26th and 29th the group visited St. Petersburg and Moscow on their European leg of the tour. Though they came back to talk about their concerts, as well as the flash-mobs the group participated in whilst in the country.

The show aired on July 26th . The group tried out some traditional Russian foods. One of them being dressed herring, which came with a mixed reaction from member Haechan.

“I’ll give it 10 points… I think this food is so good that we just couldn’t fully understand it.”

even though his face said the opposite, the audience gave an applause for his effort and polite response

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They also discussed Johnny’s long hair in the MV for their Japanese song Wakey-Wakey, as well as massaging member Mark Lee’s head, much to the rappers discomfort.

NCT127 also answered questions sent in by their fans, and shared their favourite moments from the Russian leg of the tour.

The group performed their latest song Superhuman, as well as the singles Firetruck, Cherry Bomb and Regular.

The group has already started the next leg of the tour. Recently just finishing their show in Singapore. The group now have the rest of the Asia part of the Neo City tour left to go.

Did you see NCT127 on their European tour? let us know your favourite moments from the shows!



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