BTS continues to dominate release lists with another consecutive release. Joining BTS on the release list this week is EXO’s D.O, NCT 127, Punch, Heize, Jay Park and more. 

Punch started the week with ‘Love Me’.

EXO’s D.O contributed to SM Station with ‘That’s Okay’.

Ailee dropped ‘Room Shaker’

He’s only just released ‘The Road Less Travelled’, but Jay Park is back already with ‘All Day (Flex)’ and an EP

BTS released ‘Lights’

UHSN marked the end of their reality show with the project single ‘Popsicle’

Heize released ‘We Don’t Talk Together’ featuring Giriboy and produced by SUGA.

Check out the full list of releases below:

30/06/19 Jooyoung Samcheong View ft. pH-1 Pure Happiness
Punch Love Me
Minseo X Samuel Seo Slowly But Surely I’m Not a Robot OST
Yeom Yu Ri I’ll Come to You Like the Wind Joseon Survival Period OST
415 I’ll Confess Love Interference OST
Lim Soo Yeon Hangyeryeong Mother of Mine OST
So Soo Bin Full of You
The Hills Where is the Luv?
FRED. Noise ft B Jyun
Choi Jungyoon Stop The TIme
JHWA We Need Courage
Jermada 모르는 척
2S Model Walking
01/07/19 W24 Solfamiredo
D.O (EXO) That’s Okay SM Station 3 Project
GFRIEND Fever Fever Season
Parc Jae Jung If Only
IM BORA Yellow Notes
KURO #boythesame
Street Guns Get a Motorcycle with My Guitar
CaptainRock Jongno Calling
HD BL4CK Leave 4
Surf N Surf Crew Skyblu Pool Skyblu Collars.
SWAALY Potter ft Basick
02/07/19 Ailee Room Shaker ButterFLY
B-Bomb (Block B) Dawn ft jeebanoff
Jay Park All Day (Flex) Ft HAON, Yumdda Nothing Matters
Younha On a Rainy Day Stable Mindsey
SUDI Summer Night ft CHILDDIAHN, Skinny Brown
LAY KHAKI 후시딘 BrokenHeartEmoji
Austn OKINAWA Love Means
03/07/19 BTS Lights Lights/Boy With Luv Japanese
Oh My Girl The 5th Season (SSFWL)  OH MY GIRL JAPAN 2nd ALBUM
Ben Thank You for Goodbye
GroovyRoom Face Down ft Paul Blanco, Uneducated Kid
Hello Ga-Young Tease Me
Gong Haze
O.WHEN Please Tear Up
Won Jang Perrier
Ryu Jisu Say you hate me
hyangni Than Anyone Else
Yeo Journey Black Game 
Jehee Walk The Night
Young Stone Break the Chain Unchain The Future
WoodyRose How You Feel Love Rose, Actually
Leben As I Runaway
Ainstein Life Is Science
Bando Kid Dandi
04/07/19 Ava Max X NCT 127 So Am I
ABRY Feel Like Summer
UHSN Popsicle
E Sens 그XX아들같이
Lee Si Eun Error My Absolute Boyfriend OST
LoF! Error My Abolsute Boyfriend OST
Noah Error My Abolsute Boyfriend OST
Deepshower Focus ft Barney Artist, ELO, Niko Blank
Tomsson Nobody Know
Lofibaby SOS
Brwn Call
eunoo Uninhabited Island
Gunwoo’s Broken Hope Excuses
MoonYul DTR
Kim Minyoung Yes, I Am
ROYAL Calvin Klein Transurfing
Yellowpumpy MJ
Taek My Status
Junoflo Made Men
Futuristic Swaver HDDG Futuristic Love
Gyeong Jehwan Are all breakups like this?
05/07/19 DPR Cream Color Drive
Honey Popcorn De-aesohsta
Lee Gaeun (After School) I’ll Remember
Stella Jang YOLO
 DANDAN Soybean Paste Soup 
Hye Seong Im Feel So Um
Ainstein Ammonia
Rook & RLERVINE Money Dance 0:MOVE
ONiLL Different Lane
Eui-Keun Without Y O U
06/07/19 #GUN Park
Swings & Han Yo Han Fake Rock Star Stuck Together
Jiwoo Comme des Garcons Maison
East Frog Take It Easy Nuisance
Cherry Coke Salt
Rolling Paper Rolling Paper
HAON BwB (Birthday Work Brothers)
Heize We Don’t TalkTogether ft Giriboy prod. SUGA



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