Despite having only debuted in April 2018, NOIR have officially announced their first European tour!

NOIR are going to be touring four European cities: Paris, Cologne, Prague and Warsaw. The dates for the tour are as follows:

19th October 2019 – Paris, Pan Piper

20th October 2019 – Cologne, Live Music Hall

25th October 2019 – Prague, Retro Music Hall

27th October 2019 – Warsaw, Progresja

There are many different ticket packages available for the concerts. Along with early bird and normal tickets, there are also:

Serenade tickets which include 3rd priority entry, selfie ticket priority 3, high-five event, a group photo with 15 people, a pre-signed poster and a festival bracelet.

Doom Doom ticket holders will receive everything Serenade tickets get except they’re 2nd priority for both entry and selfie tickets, their group photo will have 10 people and they will be able to attend a fansign for their poster.

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The highest ticket category, Abyss, includes the same as Doom Doom but they are 1st priority for both entry and selfie tickets and their group photo will have 5 people. Abyss ticket holders will also be able to see the groups soundcheck, will get a meet and greet, and they will receive a snackpack which is handmade by the members.

Normal and early bird ticket holders will also be able to purchase selfie tickets.

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