Electronic music duo HONNE has shared the story behind their collabs with BTS’s RM!

HONNE is a popular electronic music duo from England consisting of singer and producer Andy Clutterbuck and producer James Hatcher. Currently on their “Love Me / Love Me Not” Asia tour, the duo was interviewed at a hotel in Hongdae on 15 November. During the interview, they shared how their collaborations with BTS’s RM came about.

They said, “A few years ago, we saw that RM had mentioned our song ‘Warm on a Cold Night’ on Twitter and we talked about how we should collaborate.”

They added that this was before BTS garnered their popularity in the United States and England. However, they “knew he was a good person” and decided to produce a song on his mixtape.

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They then stated that when they were making their song ‘Crying Over You’ they thought RM would be perfect for the emotional element of the song. “So we asked him to feature in it and he was happy to help.”

In October last year, HONNE participated in composing and producing RM’s “Soul” which was released in his second mixtape “mono.” Then on 27 March 2019, HONNE released “Crying Over You” which featured RM and BEKA.


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