The creator of the ‘Kingsman’ franchise has suggested it would be cool to have music from BTS on the soundtrack for a future movie! The suggestion came during a number of interactions with BTS fans over the holiday period.

Mark Millar is the writer of the ‘Kingsman’ graphic novel series, the inspiration for the ‘Kingsman’ movies. Millar is an acclaimed comic book writer, having worked extensively for DC on X-Men and Avenger material (notably source material for the films ‘Logan’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War’) and is the creator of ‘Kick-Ass’. As well as providing the source material for ‘Kingsman’, Millar is an Executive Producer on all movies from his ‘Millarverse’ shared comic universe.

‘Kingsman’ is extremely popular in Asia, particularly in South Korea where the first film ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ took the fourth-highest box office sales internationally (behind the US, UK and Australia). Millar noted this love in a tweet after being sent a performance by BTS, inspired by ‘Kingsman’.

While the link currently doesn’t work, the original poster had linked to BTS’ Dionysus stage at the KBS Song Festival.

It has been pointed out that other idol groups have used similarly themed stages in the past, however, BTS have long shown their love for ‘Kingsman’, and likely the reference was wholly intended where other groups have not cited their influences.

Of course, ARMY couldn’t hold back their thanks for Millar’s support of the group and let him know just how much BTS love ‘Kingsman’. Many suggested the group should even be in the next movie. Millar decided that actually, music from the group would be incredibly cool given the Asia-based ‘Kingsman’ fanbase he’s long been fond of.

Army flooding Millar with kindness – and he was keen to note the attention from Korean fans before adding a shout out to international fans, especially ones helping track down a beloved, 37-year-old family bear that his daughter had lost in Lapland.

Tweets from the famed comic book writer weren’t helping the search, but with ARMY on the case too, the family and bear can be reunited!

With actor Taron Egerton confirming a script for ‘Kingsman 3′ exists, the seed may now have been planted for the inclusion of a BTS track on the soundtrack, some may feel it is inevitable given ARMY’s show of power in bringing the group’s love of the franchise to the attention of Mark Millar and showing their kindness and power to resolve something so personal to the writer.

Who knows, maybe this act of kindness will, in fact, see Eggsy (Taron Egerton’s character) need to garner intel from the Seoul-based Kingsman agents in the future! After all, a Kingsman Tailors storefront would not look out of place on the streets of somewhere like Hongdae.

While it may not be a reality yet, ARMY always has everything covered – check out this fan-made BTS Kingsman trailer by Lauuw Good’.



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