U2 paid tribute to Sulli and other Korean women at their first Korean concert in Seoul.
On 8th December, the Irish rock band included a tribute to Korean women during their performance of Ultraviolet (Light My Way).
The words “HERSTORY” appeared on screen, before showing photos of Korean women. Written alongside this, the Korean words, “Until we are all equal, none of us are equal”.
One notable addition was Sulli, who passed away in October.

Others in the tribute included:
  • Female divers from Jeju Island, who have been designated part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO;
  • Kim Jung Sook, the country’s current first lady;
  • Na Hye Sok, a painter, pioneering feminist, and a 1920s New Women;
  • Park Kyung Soon, the country’s first female civilian pilot;
  • prosecutor Seo Ji Hyun, who brought attention to the “Me Too” movement in Korea;
  • Hong Eun Ah, the country’s youngest international referee in soccer and currently Ewha University professor;
  • Jung Kyung Hwa, a violinist;
  • Lee Soo Jung, a forensic psychologist and professor at Kyonggi University;
  • and Lee Tae Young, South Korea’s first female lawyer.
According to a news outlet, the women in the list are thought to have sowed seeds for change in Korean society.
Since Sulli’s passing in October, people have chosen to renew the kpop star’s commitment to women’s right, donating female sanitary products in her name to recognise her commitment to the cause. Public figures have also called for the expansion of mental health care and harsher punishments for those who spread rumours and hate comments online.

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