Another week in December means one of many things; another seven sleeps gone until Christmas, tree decorating in full swing and for fans; another week of fresh new music to enjoy from artists and bands alike. As always; the UKP Team have picked out a small selection that have been on repeat as we count down to the 25th December in style.

YGX’s new solo artist, Blue.D makes her debut with the ethereal “Nobody” – teaming up with WINNER’s Song Min Ho for a second time since his album track, “Um…”

Davichi make their return after production delays with the new digital single, “Dear.”

U-Kwon is one of two boy group idols to make their solo mark this week; bringing fire to the charts with his debut “FUEGO”.

After success in both The Unit and performing in Japan, U-KISS’s JUN evolves as solo artist; Lee Jun Young.

Christmas has came early for Blackjack as 2NE1’s leader, CL is finally making her solo return after her departure from YG Entertainment. She has already begun teasing the full album release, releasing songs over the next three weeks.

Check out the full list of releases below:

2nd December Blue.D “Nobody” (Feat. Mino of WINNER) Nobody
Giriboy “Snow Sweeping” Fatal Album III
Sejeong (gugudan) “Tunnel” Dingo X SEJEONG
Ruddie Miller “#cloud” (Feat. McKay & SLEEPY & Choi Seo Hyun) STATION
CIMOE “개벽” (The Beginning of the World)
Jang Jane “Shame On You” “VIP” Soundtrack
3rd December Hi Cutie “Lovely Day” Lovely Day
WeGirls “Hello Christmas” Hello Christmas
Davichi “Dear.” Dear.
Hwang Chi Yeul “Untitled” Untitled
U-Kwon (Block B) “Fuego” (Feat. RGP) RISE UP
HD BL4CK “I’m Alright” Youth
Damoim “Imma Do” Dingo X Damoim Part 2
Young West “Blue”
Nuol “No Dynamic”
Xbf “Light”
Chillin Homie, Veiniyfl & M1NU “Stole”
Sinstealer “Love Song Without Love”
kumira “Sad X-Mas”
Boyrock “Body Control” 3
Cat Psalm (Sima Kim) True Love
Jun Hyosung “항상 나를” “내 마음에 그린” Soundtrack
4th November ATEEZ “Utopia” (Japanese Ver.) TREASURE EP.EXTRA:Shift The Map
DAY6 THE BEST DAY2 (Compilation Album)
EXID “Magic”
Jung Jinwoo “Nowhere” Ignorance
CL “+DONE161201+” In The Name of Love
Jung Seunghwan “My Christmas Wish”
Park Jihoon “360” 360
Shupie “Just Walk” Smiley Joseph Vol. 1
CODE KUNST “Treat Her Better” All About Us
Jiho Givenchy “Blue Emoji”
LOGI “On the way”
XAVII “far away” Distance
Dickpunks “Take Me Upon You” Love With Flaws Soundtrack
Bobby Kim “El Camino” Woman of 9.9 Billion Soundtrack
5th December Crush “With You” From Midnight to Sunrise
JUN (U-KISS) “Curious About U” GALLERY
Coogie “Right Away”
Laptopboyboy “Escape The World” RAP UNIV-ERSE
D.Action “Lullaby” 녹취록 EP
BAYLEE “Petrified”
ARTISEAN “Boring” Loved & Lost
Z-SANG “You” Desire Without You
hate. “Take It Slow”
Dept “Maybe it’ll be the last time”
Ways “Day off”
Maktub x Lee Raon “Once Again With You” Love with Flaws Soundtrack
6th December JBJ95 “ONLY ONE”
THE BOYZ “White”
sokodomo “TOO MUCH” WWW.III
Rlervine “OFF” VENIR
TheSojuQueen “Soju Beat” Fantasy Music
KURO “Do you miss me too?” bleu
Various Artists Pegasus Market Full Drama Soundtrack
Hyun Joong “day-ayo” Yeonnamdong Family Soundtrack
7th December Ravi, Chillin Homie, Xydo & Cold Bay “ASURA”
PULLIK “Wing” 0.5
Bassagong “Rainbow” Bank of Seoul Soundtrack
Lil Oppa “Do-Re-Mi”
Car, The Garden “Tree” Chocolate Soundtrack
Han U “돌아오지 않을 너란 걸” Don’t Miss It Soundtrack
오병길 “So Beautiful” No Second Chance Soundtrack
8th December OVAN X Lee Bada “Christmas Rose”
Airplaneboy “Narita” Lil 9ap
Khundi Panda “AMA”
GXXD, Jung Jin Hyeong & Goopy “DONE”
$IGA A “callin”

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