With just over one week left until Christmas, fans are being treated to comebacks and Winter classics alike. Once again; we have compiled a one stop shop of releases from South Korean artists this week and picked out some of the UKP Team’s favourites from the second full week of December 2019.

Stray Kids are not stopping for a second as they have released another album and title track; “Levanter”.

BLACKJACK gets a Christmas wish granted as two past 2NE1 members, Park Bom and Sandara Park team up for the sweet Winter duet; “The First Snow”.

The Queen of SM Entertainment makes her official return to the industry this week with her second mini-album; featuring the song of the same name; “Starry Night”.

Keeping with Christmas tradition, BRANDNEW Music is the next entertainment label to release a special single; “MELTING”, featuring Kanto, BDC and AB6IX.

The UKPAwards’ Shining Light winner of 2018 is slaying Europe during his December tour and also our playlists with his self-love anthem; “Loved you better”.

Check out the full list of releases below:

9th December Sung Si Kyung & IU “First Winter”
Stray Kids “Levanter” Cle: LEVANTER
Leenzy “PETER PAN” Wish Me A Good Day
Sikboy “Hybrid”
Swalo “Studio”
Opioid “Fool” Recent
10th December Baek Yerin “Popo (How Deep Is Our Love?)” Every Letter I Sent You
Park Bom & Sandara Park “First Snow”
Primary “When I Fall In Love” 3-PAKTORY02
Various Artists Chief Of Staff: People Who Make the World (Full Soundtrack)
niahn “street light” late night
CL “+PARADOX171115+” In The Name Of Love
Dayrick “End” Emotion Travel
DAMYE “hate the things we”
Mac Kidd “BMI100%” Death Peace Smile
Limzy “Whatever”
Saula “Each Other”
11th December Snuper “BIG AIR” SWING (Japanese Album)
BoA “Starry Night” Starry Night
Golden (G.Soul) “Hate Everything”
HOLLAND “Loved you better”
Lim Jimin “WHO, YOU?” Youth
Jeebanoff “Boomerang”
Changstarr* “Hippie $h*t!”
JINO & SteffenYoshiki “Make You Cry”
12th December Ailee “Sweater”
Kim Jaehwan “The Time I Need” Moment
Sungwoo JungA “Run With Me” Serenade
LEEXLEE “Why” Love With Flaws Soundtrack
Woosung (The Rose) “Wanna Be Bad” Psychopath Diary Soundtrack
San E “Again” Ballad Rap Song
Paul Cho “She Don’t Like It” Colors
Ash-B “Booty”
HWAJI “5AM” Freedom Ain’t Free (Yizumin)
Auvers “Synecdoche, Seoul”
13th December AleXa & Diablo “Bomb” (Rock Version)
Kim Feel “Excuses” yours. sincerely
LOONA “365”
NCT U “Coming Home” STATION X 4 LOVEs for Winter Part.2
Kim Min Seon “자꾸만” Want A Taste? Soundtrack
Spray “Set It Off”
Somdef “Why Can’t We” MorningMare
Loopy “NO FEAR”
Cherry Coke “Stick Together”
Lil Poet & KOREANGROOVE “Local Champs” Common Vibes 2
Dalzi & LoyeL “Dear My Love”
Cox Billy “Sony A7”
Kelly wei “MONDAY”
gump “scent”
V.et “SAY BYE”
Marvin “Seria” Wanderlust
14th December Ha Jin “Always Be Here” Chocolate Soundtrack
D:amant “Remember Me” Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful Soundtrack
Jang Hee Young “정말 보고싶다” Unasked Family Soundtrack
Lee Dong Yoon “My Freezing Season” Yeonnamdong Family Soundtrack
GRAY “Take Me There”
Nochang Ajoohcmoohc
YUMDDA “Amanda”
CANHAZ “Journey” Made By Her.
Taylor “Rock All Night”
Boyboyboy “Episod”
15th December As One (feat. Lee Daehwi of AB6IX) “It’s OK Not To Be OK”
Heechul & Lee Soo Geun “White Winter” STATION X 4 LOVEs for Winter Part. 3
Ailee “Just Look For You” Chocolate Soundtrack
10cm “우연인 듯 운명” Crash Landing On You Soundtrack
Lee Hye Min “평생” Love Interference Season 2 Soundtrack
Sojung (Ladies Code) “찬바람결에 흩어져 가듯이” Selection: The War Between Women Soundtrack
Jo Moon Geun “It’s Alright” Unasked Family Soundtrack
HAHOE X MOAI “Snow Is Coming Down”
Jiselle & pH-1 “Problem”
Austn “When X-Mas Comes” 2019 F/M

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