ATEEZ and Younha have entered the European iTunes charts!

Despite it being early in the year, K-Pop has already seen new releases from various idols. Amongst them is ATEEZ who came back with “TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer” on 6th January.

Proving that they are indeed monster rookies, “TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer” has entered various European iTunes charts! It lands in number one in 11 countries. Meanwhile it also lands in the top 10 in 7 countries.

The music video for title track “Answer” also charted worldwide on YouTube, including France, Germany and the UK!

In addition, Younha also dropped album “Unstable Mindset” on 6 January. One track in particular “Winter Flower” features BTS’ RM. “Winter Flower”, a song about mental health, has been doing exceptionally well on the charts.

It lands in number one in eight countries; and it also lands in the top 10 in 13 countries!

Congratulations to both ATEEZ and Younha!

Check out the videos for “Answer” and “Winter Flower” below.


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