BTS gets their fans speculating over “Connect, BTS”.
At 15:00 BST, BTS unveiled a comeback schedule for their February comeback, known as a comeback map.
The schedule includes the group’s usual comeback trailers, concept photos and tracklist revelation. In addition to this, there are five “Connect, BTS” locations:
  • London (14th January)
  • Berlin (15th January)
  • Buenos Aires (21st January)
  • Seoul (28th January)
  • New York City (4th February)
There is also an online version on 14th January, the same day as the London version.
The addition of “Connect, BTS” has surprised Army all over the world and has led to some theorising as to what it could be. In turn, the phrase now trends worldwide on Twitter.
One fan suggested that it could refer to stores and exhibitions.

According to the fan, Big Hit Entertainment previously revealed plans to include pop-up stores and exhibits to create a festival-like experience for fans. This had already been incorporated to the group’s recent Speak Yourself world tour.
Another speculation included BTS screens being set up in the mentioned cities.
The group attempted this before with ARMYpedia in 2019, a scavenger hunt that acted as a 2,080-day archive of memories with the group. This appears to be the more accepted guess as of now.

Other speculations included fan signings and tour vlogs.
BTS will make their comeback on 21st February 2020 with “Map of the Soul: 7”. Preorders will be available from 9th January.
What do you think “Connect, BTS” refers to?

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