Metro has shared an article on Wonho’s story for UK readers.
The article captures Wonho’s interview with Korean tabloid Dispatch, who many fans believe had a part in spreading allegations. Released on Monday, the interview focuses on his upbringing and the truth behind the allegations that led him to leave MONSTA X in October 2019.
Wonho describes living in “poverty”, being bullied, and how his parents’ arguments led him to mix with the wrong crowd. This crowd, he recalls, were charged with theft and sent to juvenile detention centres. Wonho, on the other hand, was placed on probation. However, he says it was during this time that he reflected on his life and dreamed of becoming an idol.
Discussing his idol career, he recalls his decision to leave MONSTA X, his reasoning being “for the team to survive”.
The interview also touches Wonho’s drug investigation, with him relaying his innocence. Police have since confirmed his innocence.
Monbebe across the globe have been campaigning for Wonho’s reinstatement, despite it being his decision to leave. As a member of MONSTA X, he had been known to express his love to fans, holding live streams for three to four hours and reminding them to eat and sleep well.
“I can confidently say that I have completely changed after meeting Monbebe. I understood what it is like to be loved, and it made me want to live a good life every day.”
Read the full article from the Metro here.

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