Daily Star has shared an exclusive interview with Kpop star, AleXa!

On 17th June, the UK tabloid shared that they sat down with AleXa to discuss her upcoming comeback, set for July. In the interview, the Kpop star discusses social media’s influence in the rise of Kpop, her first MC role at the Kpop SuperFest and her AI concept.

Journalist Jack Wetherwell also revealed a behind the scenes image of the interview. The photo shows the Kpop star sporting bright pink hair, in which she reveals is for her comeback.

Giving fans a hint of what’s to come, she states her comeback will be “different” to what fans have seen. Rather than the AI concept, it will be a “prequel”, showcasing the singer as a “human being”.

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Check out the full interview on Daily Star’s website.

Are you excited for AleXa’s comeback in July?


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