On July 28th, BTS made their official Radio 1 Live Lounge debut with the three amazing songs, inlcuding a cover of Puff Daddy, Sting and Faith Evans single, ‘I’ll Be Missing You.’ 

The group then chatted with Radio 1’s Adele Roberts, in an exclusive segment titled BTS @ Radio 1. In this interview, the members revealed their favourite parts about visiting the UK. 

V – the most excited for the trip – decided the very first thing he would do was wander the streets of London. 

Jimin also found the streets, buildings and bridges very pretty, as he visited with friends and family. 

RM revealed that he saw his favourite artist’s work at the National Gallery, Joseph Mallord William; one of the most famous English Romantic artists. He labelled it as a dream come true. 

BTS are set to release a full album this coming Autumn. In the meantime you can check out their latest release Permission To Dance here.


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