Vogue has maintained its reputation as being on the leading publications following all aspects of fashion over the many years.

As a group, BLACKPINK as a whole has been kept steadily on the radar of a multitude of fashion magazines and Vogue is no exception. From the handful of features on the front covers of Vogue Korea, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and Vietnam, it gives off the impression that Lisa undertook a summer takeover.

Recently, the freshly debuted soloist was featured in an article that highlighted various looks over the years from 2019. In relation to her solo promotions, she took some time for an interview she took part with Taylor Glasby.

In the press talk with Vogue, Lisa brushed upon the title track ‘Lalisa‘, how she wants to spread her own confidence to her fans. She also discussed how she maintained her physical strength to prepare for her solo debut, the process of choosing her songs, how she works on staying positive (spoiler, includes her cats and of course her fans). And of course, she talks about her fashion choices when she wants to be comfortable.

You can read the full interview here.


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