The BBC reported this week in an article about 26 popular Korean words being added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

While South Korea has had a global impact across many countries with sharing its culture in its music, dramas, films, cuisine, makeup and much more. This shows that this level of influence, especially within the last decade, is something to be noted.

A handful of examples of the words that have been confirmed to be added includes:

  • banchan (Can be a selection of side dishes to accompany the main meal)
  • bulgogi (A meat dish, which can be beef or pork, that is marinated and then can be grilled or stir-fired.
  • kimbap (This can be a snack which consists of various vegetables, meats and rice wrapped up in a seaweed sheet)
  • hallyu (The term refers to the ever-growing international interest in South Korea and its culture)
  • K-drama (A television series based in the Korean language, many of which can be streamed on Netflix)
  • manhwa (This is a Korean style of cartoon and comic books)
  • mukbang (Normally takes the form of live streams where the host eats large portions of food, some may choose to eat while interacting with their audience)

We have seen, especially with influencers online, referring to terms such as ‘mukbang’ for video inspiration. Even more recently, there has been a surge in interest all around the world in regards to the release of ‘Squid Game‘.

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