Rookie girl group Busters made a comeback this week with the summery track Grapes. Did you catch the girls’ new MV yet?

The five members are Minji, Hyeongseo, Jisu, Minjung, and Chaeyeon. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you – they’re one of the youngest rookie groups out there, with an average age of 14. Their group started out life as an anime idol group, on the Korean kids TV show Idol Ranger Powerbusters. That means each girl has her own anime likeness, and the girls voice act as well as sing and dance. Busters are signed to two agencies – JTG Entertainment and Monstergram Inc, and if you click on Monstergram’s homepage you can see the girls in anime form.

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Busters also have their own regularly updated reality show on YouTube, Real Busters, that gives us a behind-the-scenes peek at their lives as rookie idols.

The girls are still fresh and new to the idol life as they only made their debut in November last year with Dream On and LaLaLa. Check them both out below.

Follow Busters official Instagram account, or their Facebook page.


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