The heat of the Hallyu wave is still not leaving Europe. 

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Here’s Katy of KpopTeam’s translation of the Nate article:

The heat of Hallyu is still not going away from Europe.

Following the flash mob for SM town’s concert, a flash mob is taking place in London, UK on 9th July.

On 27th, from a site, there was a page called Bring YG to the UK in order to bring artists from YG Entertainment. After the SM town concert, it seems as though the European fans have shown a lot of interest in YG Family’s concert too.

According to this page, the fans, in order to demand a concert from YG will meet on 9th July at the centre of London, Trafalgar Square. They will sing and dance the hit songs by 1TYM, SE7EN, BIGBANG, 2NE1 etc.

Someone from YG Entertainment said that “We heard that there was a lot of interest in Hallyu in Europe but we are very thankful that there are so much interest coming from the UK” and that “YG have been thinking positively towards holding a concert in the UK”.

They also said, “Honestly, we were already in the planning stages to have a concert in the UK” and “In order to have a great performance, we are preparing things, one by one.”

In April, there was a flash mob in front of the Louvre in Paris, to extend the SM Town concert. Due to the flash mob SM town decided to have another day of the concert

Source: Money Star Today News Via Nate

Translated by Katy Kpop

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