Looking for somewhere that ships Kpop goods to the UK then look no further!

Whilst there will always be eBay sellers each trying to offer you a better deal, how do you know that what they’re selling is legitimate? In most cases it is legitimate but there will always be the one who tries to sell you a bootleg CD. So where else can we go?

Theres Yes Asia. Yes Asia by far has the largest collection of Kpop goods out there and does sell internationally. In fact, if you spend over $30 (Approx. £18) you can get free shipping to the UK. But be careful if you buy excessive amounts of merchandise from these websites or even eBay as they may be subjected to an import charge of roughly £15. Yes Asia also has a sub website which sells high quality clothes/jewellery and even makeup, YesStyle.

YesStyle has recently opened a UK version of the site, which is the link provided. On YesStyle, if you spend over £80, your entire purchase will be shipped free. On Yes Asia or YesStyle if your purchase/s haven’t arrived within the allotted time they gave you, you can call them on the number provided on their website. However it’s not a UK number, and I do believe that it’s one person doing all the English talking. The lines also close before 1o – unless it changed – so you better be up! Despite this, they are very quick to resolve any conflicts in your order, and if it never arrives, they’re more than happy to send out a new one, free of charge and orders usually arrive within a good time. They don’t arrive extremely fast, unless you choose that option (which costs more, like on other sites), I would say they arrived within about 2 weeks, an average time – they come from Hong Kong (Yes Asia’s HQ).

The Yes Asia website is easy to navigate and offers a huge selection of goods, not only Korean, but Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese. They sell music, films, dramas, even electronics. YesAsia is probably one of the best sites out there for what you want.

NOTE: Paypal is not necessary for Yes Asia or YesStyle.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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