Update: The flashmobs will not be joining, but are still in the same place on the same day I’m not too sure how it will work, but please attend either of them!

Kally tang created a Kpop flashmob (you can view it here) However this is also the day that Dreamstage korea has asked for the world to show their support to Korean musicians in the form of flashmobs, the countries with the biggest and best flashmobs are more likely to get the artist(s)/band(s) to perform for them. So Chloe Pavlou, Farah Qureshi & Sally Ho have created a flashmob on that day named ‘ Dreamstage Korea: Global Flashmobday [London] which you can view here.

The two flashmobs are at the same time,day and place… and are currently discussing, teaming up. If they team up this means you will be able to attend one big flashmob instead of deciding between the two.

More information to follow soon!


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