This is a personal entry written by one of the admins of KpopUK_. My name is Nyasha and I attended both the K-Pop Fan Picnic Meetup and Dok2’s event.

Being the admin of the Fan Picnic Meetup, I didn’t expect a lot of people to come to the event but we had fun nevertheless and met a lot of people. There isn’t much to say but  I had a great time and we danced to some K-Pop, ate and talked about groups we liked.

Moving on to Dok2’s concert, I wrote a fanaccount on the day I went including giving him the gifts from the Welcome Project we organised and the meet ‘n’ greet. Apart from my personal experience, there was a good amount of people there but obviously the Coronet Theatre wasn’t a big place since Dok2 isn’t very known but he was very happy. The setlist of songs was: DIE LEGEND 3 IT’S GON’ SHINE LEVEL 1000 119 BOUNCE 비밀(SECRET) 훔쳐(STEAL) MR.INDEPENDENT 2 Q.W.N.A MY LOVE DOIN’ GOOD IT’S ME

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The day was pretty good and the weather was lovely on the day. I hope other UK fans had fun at both events because I know I did!


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