After the YG Flashmob on July 9th 2011, Fanny of ‘YG familly Artists UK’  & ‘UKBigBang’ have recieved some support messages for the possible YG UK concert!

You can help by sending in support videos of your own, here are the Rules:

  • Video may be up to 5 Minutes in length
  • Either speak in english OR use English subtitles, so that everyone can understand
  • Must be related to the possible YG concert
  • Share your video with a link on
  • This is an on going project, so there is NO deadline.

There are no other rules, You may dance, sing or just have fun.

Want ideas for the video?

  • You COULD wear YG related clothing ie; BIGBANG Uniqlo T-shirts (can be purchased on Ebay or However this is not essential.
  • You could sing or dance to your favourite YG song, make sure you talk about the possible YG concert though!
  • You could talk about why you like Kpop & YG, who your favourite artists/bands are, and what got you into Kpop & YG, Why You want a YG UK concert.
  • You could do the video with a group of friends.
  • You could speak in korean (make sure you sub it!)
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I want to take part but I don’t have a camera or editing software?

  • If you do not have a camera you could, Borrow one from a friend or family member, use a webcam, Use a phone camera, Just make sure the sound is clear! If it’s not, why not sub it?
  • If you need a video editting software (WMM) Windows Movie Maker is free, Ofcourse it may not be the best Video editing software but it’s better than nothing, You can download it here for free. (This will link you to microsofts website, where I have searched Movie Maker, select the correct version for your operating system, and download, there are also free plug ins)
  • Alternatively I can edit a video for you, comment below if you need me to edit for you, I will need a script if you want me to subtitle it, and a script of both languages if you speak in a language other than english.

If you have any questions, or suggestions please comment below., Have fun with your videos!


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