Update 24 july : there is now a facebook event, which you can view here. The facebook event will keep you updated on all events happening on worldwide kpop day in the UK. Theres are now flashmobs in London, Dublin, & Birmingham. Please view the facebook page event ‘Worldwide Kpop day – Lets show them UK!’

Worldwide Kpop day Started off as a facebook event by AmericanKPOPFans on Facebook (Kim and Kristin), We at UnitedKpop.com want YOU to take part.


We are hoping for you all to be able to take part in some sort of event in the UK that relates to Kpop, This may not be possible in every city, but if you’d like to hold and event in your city, post an event link below and we will add it to the list.

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Howelse you can get involved:

  • See if you can ask the managers/owners of  electronic stores to play Kpop.
  • Post nothing but KPOP on your personal websites – Including, but not limitted to: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MSN, Skype, Youtube.
  • Organise and event, and/or upload the pictures/videos from the event with the tag  ‘Worldwide Kpop day’.
  • Trend #WorldWideKPOPDay & #KPOPDayUK from now! (Via Twitter).
  • Play Kpop all day, even to those who are unfamilliar with Kpop.
  • Spread the word however you can, You are contributing to something HUGE!

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