Unless you’re extremely blessed and all your friends like Kpop, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could get our friends to at least try Kpop?’. This article is a list of tips on how to do exactly that! First off, what music do they listen to usually? If they’re going to give it a shot then it can’t be any song, it’s got to be one close to their own tastes. For example, if they said they like hip hop, then list a couple of BIGBANG songs and tell them to look them up. In most cases you can just recommend any song from a YG artist as their music is the most Western.


What about the language? If your friend is likely to be weirded out by the fact the song is in Korean, it’s time to find some English versions. Or at the very least, songs with a lot of English in it. Unless your friends really like ballad songs it’s probably best to steer away from recommending them for the time being, especially as a lot of ballads are solely in Korean. Although, if your friend is artistic or musically inclined then they are more likely to be more open minded, people who are more open minded are also more likely to listen or like Kpop. [Did you know a large majority of international Kpop fans are artists?]


If you’re worried that they’ll make fun of the bands you like, then don’t send them the MV link, find one of the videos on Youtube with just the album artwork as the video.


You can also make it a ‘deal’ with your friend, if you don’t really listen to English music then tell them to give you a list of ‘x’ amount of songs to listen to and you’ll listen to them, if they listen to your list of ‘x’ amount of songs.


Of course, it’s not guaranteed they’ll like it, but as your friend they’re most likely to at least listen to the song and if it’s similar to their own tastes then maybe they will. Who’s to say you wont have a new Kpop buddy?


Remember, this is only a guide, it’s not guaranteed that this will work, but it’s how I get my friends to give Kpop songs a listen. My most used phrase being ‘But it’s in English!’. Also, please don’t fall out with your friends if they refuse to listen, when Kpop goes global they can’t say you didn’t try!


NOTE: If you’re not sure what songs to recommend then comment here with a list of songs they like and I’ll try to help you out!



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